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Active Membership

The association sets and follows through with high standards for membership. Advertisers and readers consider OCNA’s logo to be their ‘good housekeeping seal of approval’. As an Active member of OCNA, you automatically become a member of CCNA, our national association. Active membership gives you access to a whole host of member services.


New member applications are approved by the Member Selection Committee and Board of Directors four times a year. Please refer to the application deadline dates on the front page of the application form.


To meet the criteria set out for Active Membership in the association, the newspaper must:

  • Serve a specific geographical or ethnic community
  • Publish less frequently than a daily; at least once a month
  • Have an office open to the public
  • Carry on with a view to profit
  • Have a clearly defined editorial page with masthead and publish ‘letters to the editor’
  • Have a news-oriented front page
  • Include news of general interest and new information concerning current happenings and passing events of a political, social, religious, commercial, financial or legal nature
  • Contain local news of the area served by the community newspaper
  • Have on average not more than seventy per cent (70%) advertising, exclusive of any pre-printed supplements
  • Be produced in accordance with the highest ideals, ethics and traditions of the newspaper profession
  • Obtain a circulation audit (new members have 6 months after approval to become an audited entity or membership will be revoked. OCNA can provide details)

Download Active Membership application PDF

Associate Membership

Other organizations that support community newspaper owners, or college and university newspapers are invited to apply for membership. OCNA's Board of Directors is entitled to prescribe specific criteria to be met for membership, as well as conditions for ceasing membership. Associate Membership does not allow access to full member services but does offer the opportunity to have access to our members list and have networking privileges.

Download Associate Membership application PDF


For further information on the benefits of membership, please contact us.