Government Relations

OCNA is focused on ensuring that the voice of Ontario’s Community Newspapers are heard by those at the provincial and municipal levels of government. Our work in government relations consists of:

  • Advocating media and business issues favourable to our members
  • Promotion of the Community Newspaper industry with politicians, civil servants, the Chambers of Commerce and other associations
  • Assisting our members with any other governmental matters
We also represent the industry with a number of provincial bodies. All federal government issues are handled by the Canadian Community Newspapers Association.


Issues We Cover

  • Open Meetings: ensuring that the current laws that limit the right to hold closed door sessions are not violated.
  • Freedom of Information: supporting the Provincial and Municipal Freedom of Information laws.
  • Publication Bans: supporting the development of an electronic registry of non-statutory publication bans to prevent journalists from inadvertently breeching a ban.
  • Provincial Government Advertising: we provide provincial government advertising to our member newspapers through Ad*Reach.
  • Newspaper Definition: ensuring that provincial government definitions of what is considered a “newspaper” are broad and inclusive.
  • Blue Box Recycling: OCNA is a founding member of both Waste Diversion Ontario and Stewardship Ontario, the non-governmental bodies that oversee and help fund Ontario’s Blue Box recycling system. Each year OCNA members contribute hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of advertising space to local municipalities to help promote waste diversion.
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Board: OCNA is part of a working group that reviews and works on workplace insurance issues affecting our members.

Government Networking

OCNA has the ability to arrange Conference Call Editorial Boards between provincial politicians or officials and our members for efficient and interactive discussions of major issues.


Each year, OCNA organizes a Queen's Park Day where member publishers have the opportunity to meet their local MPPs in Toronto to discuss the newspaper industry and the important issues we face. Independent meetings with MPPs are arranged during the day, followed by a general reception at Queen's Park for both politicians and publishers.