Member Services

OCNA offers a wide variety of services to our members. If you are not a member, see Become a Member for more details. If you are interested in the events, awards, and training courses we currently offer, see Awards, Events and Training.


Ad*Reach is the display advertising arm of the OCNA. Ad*Reach works with advertisers, agencies and various levels of government to place display, display classified and insert advertising into our members newspapers. This program provides millions of dollars annually to our members. 

Network Classified Advertising

The Network Classifieds Program is a cost-effective one-order system to place classified ads in participating member newspapers across the province, or across the country. OCNA has its own sales team but member newspapers are also encouraged to sell Network Classifieds to their readers and advertisers for a lucrative finder’s fee. This program provides an added source of revenue to many of our members.

Newsprint and Specialty Grade Paper Sales

OCNA provides quality sales and service to member commercial printers. Our newsprint is Forest Stewardship Council ® Certified.

Membership in the Canadian Community Newspapers Association

Our members automatically become members of the CCNA, also known as Newspapers Canada, when they become an OCNA member. CCNA membership includes such services as national communication, conferences, federal government advocacy on issues affecting members, industry marketing and other services.

Canadian Media Circulation Audit (CMCA)

All OCNA members must be audited. The CMCA (formerly known as a Verified Circulation Audit), sets an industry standard for readers and advertisers.

Community Newspapers Reciprocal Insurance Exchange

Our staff administers the CNRIE, a reciprocal insurance program for libel, piracy and plagiarism. Members are invited to apply for coverage on the CNRIE web site (

Ontario Press Service

OCNA distributes press releases and public service announcements weekly to its members. Please click here for more information on our Ontario Press Service.

Conference Call Editorial Board

We provide opportunities for members to participate in pre-arranged conference calls with politicians, business leaders and advocacy groups about timely issues. This is your direct link to newsmakers and community journalists from across the province.

Government Relations

OCNA provides a collective voice for members on industry related issues and favourable Provincial policies through our government relations service. The national association, CCNA, provides the same service at the Federal level.

Press Cards

OCNA provides members with authorized photo press cards.

Employment Services

OCNA posts industry-related positions on this web site (see Careers) and in our weekly newsletter to help professionals find successful and rewarding careers in our industry.

Monthly Newsletter

Every month members can download an electronic copy of OCNA's NewsClips newsletter that provides them with up-to-date industry information as well as details about upcoming association services and events.