Will paper go the way of stone tablets?

In a recent article in the Hamilton Spectator, titled Will paper go the way of stone tablets?, the proliferation of tablets and other portable e-readers was compared to the Chinese invention of paper 2,000 years ago which replaced the wooden blocks and bamboo slats upon which Chinese characters were written. Will these e-readers one day replace books and paper?

German weekly magazine publishes ‘augmented reality’ edition

Germany’s largest daily newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung published an ‘augmented-reality’ edition of its weekly magazine last week. Working with Munich-based technology firm Metaio, the two companies were able to integrate a print product with wireless technology to produce an interactive experience for readers.

Trenton’s Trentonian moves offices

OCNA member the Trentonian has moved - down the street. Since 1956, the newspaper had been operating from the same office in Trenton established by Senator W.A. Fraser, whose name still appears on the editorial page of the Trentonian to this day.

The new office is located at 5 Creswell Drive. You can contact the Trentonian at the same number: 613-392-6501.


INMA to hold Transformation of News Summit

INMA has announced it will hold a groundbreaking Transformation of News Summit December 2-3 at the Charles Hotel in Cambridge, Massachusetts, designed to focus on the audience and revenue opportunities of re-imagining content in the emerging age of tablets, applications and paid models.

Respect your elders, says Mutter

Alan D. Mutter, media and technology consultant and blogger behind Reflections of a Newsosaur, reminds editors at newspapers to be mindful not only when referring to individuals of different races, religions, genders, sexual orientation, physical capabilities or mental capacities, but of those aged 55 and over in his latest post.

Primedia buys Kubas, services go ‘hand in hand’

Toronto-based research and consulting firm Kubas Consultants was recently acquired by Canadian Primedia Sales and Marketing Inc., which represents more than 130 newspapers, magazines and websites in the country, in a bid to expand the company’s U.S. client base. The financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Primedia President Ron Clark said the deal would offer a host of complimentary benefits to both companies.

News Corp. to release new national paper for tablets and smartphones

News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch has recently announced it will launch a new national digital newspaper for distribution on smartphones and tablet computers such as Apple’s iPad. With the intent to target a more general readership, and in particular those who increasingly consume their news on the go, News Corp. will distribute the digital paper exclusively as paid content for those devices.

IAB Canada: 2009 online ad revenue growth exceeds expectations

Despite a year of decreased revenues for many major media in Canada, the recently released Canadian Online Advertising Revenue Report by the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada (IAB) reveals that online ad revenues for 2009 exceeded budget expectations and grew by 14 per cent to $1.82 billion.

Need a great story?

Content That Works, a leading content provider for local media and businesses, has recently introduced iNeedaGreatStory.com, a resource for those in need of reliable, high-quality content for their website, publication or newsletter at an affordable price. iNeedaGreatStory.com offers original stories, infographics and videos with no advertorial, paid product placements or content from other sources.

Leger study: newspaper inserts work

A new Leger Marketing study on flyer readership found that 76 per cent of respondents look at flyers at least once a week, and 80 per cent consult flyers when making special purchases. The study, commissioned by Quebecor, also found that 63 per cent are more likely to look at flyers distributed in newspapers.

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