Wise guy suspended at Washington Post

Earlier this week, Mike Wise, a sports columnist for the Washington Post, conducted what he called a ‘test’ on how fast information, or misinformation, could be spread online. On Monday he posted to his Twitter account that a Pittsburg football player would be suspended for five games (when in fact he was suspended for six games) after being accused of sexual assault in March. Wise followed his post with others about his sources of the news.

In response to the known inaccuracies he published, the Washington Post handed Wise a month-long suspension.

Happy 25th anniversary Cornwall!

OCNA congratulates member newspaper the Cornwall Seaway News for 25 years of service to its community. From its start as the humble Seaway Shopping News in 1985, to shouldering the responsibility of publishing additional local papers and magazines in the present day, the Cornwall Seaway News has remained a respected source of weekly news for residents, and a source of support to local businesses and charitable foundations in the area.

New York Times adds Facebook feature to website

The New York Times has further embraced social media, and has added an optional feature, ‘Log In With Facebook’, to its website. The new feature enables users to link their Facebook account with NYTimes.com to comment on and share articles with friends and view other personalized content.