Kubas’ Preview: ad revenue growth and strategic initiatives in 2011

Toronto-based Kubas Consultants recently released Preview 2011, its fifth annual Preview study on newspaper executives’ expectations for ad revenue growth and planned strategic initiatives for the new year. Over 400 daily newspaper executives and managers across North America were surveyed in November 2010.

OCNA seeks judges for Junior Citizen Awards

Your Association is looking for two individuals willing to help select the 12 final recipients for the 2010 Ontario Junior Citizen of the Year Award. This is time-consuming but rewarding work, and will require reading nominations over a two week period in December and a full day of deliberations at the OCNA office in Burlington in January 2011 (we will give you lunch!). If you are interested in donating your time to this worthy cause, please contact Carla Alexander at c.alexander@ocna.org or call 905-639-8720 ext. 239. Preference will be given to individuals open to a multi-year commitment.

Final 2010 BNC entry deadlines

The 2010 BNC entry deadline for newspapers with circulations of 6,500 to 22,499 is less than a week away. Submissions need to be in no later than Wednesday, December 8. Newspapers with circulations over 22,500 need to submit their entries no later than Wednesday, December 15.

Brant News website offers more to readers

As the OCNA team continues to review member websites we are finding more to be impressed with. The Brant News website, www.brantnews.com, offers a ‘Story ID’ feature which adds a sense of interactivity to its print edition as it allows readers the opportunity to delve deeper into a particular story. For example, the Story ID for an article on a local trail and road improvement project in the August 5 edition of the paper gives readers access to further discussions with city Council and their plans for the project.

Introducing new syndicated columnists

OCNA is pleased to announce the addition of two new syndicated columnists with articles available ready to download. Ron Wolf pens three weekly columns with a local focus entitled ‘Things That Go Bump in the Canadian Night’, ‘It’s Our History, Our Country’ and ‘All Things Canadian’. James Careless is the brain behind ‘Gadget Zone’ a monthly rundown on consumer tech products for the whole family.

Find their articles and contact information in the members only area of the OCNA website under Syndicated Columnists. Login required.

INMA Awards 2011 now accepting entries

The 76th annual INMA Awards competition is now open for entry submissions. INMA’s awards program recognizes excellence in marketing in newspapers across the globe. Participating newspapers can submit their entries in categories such as print subscription sales, digital audience, brand awareness, public relations and community service.

Need Press Cards for 2011?

With December just around the corner, member publishers may be thinking of updating old press cards for use in the New Year. Why not have OCNA do the work for you? Our staff will create laminated, business card-sized Press Identification Cards with photos and OCNA authorization for you so you can focus on the upcoming holiday season. Purchase the first three for $10, and pay $5 for any additional cards. Contact Carla Alexander at c.alexander@ocna.org for a Publisher’s Authorization Form and instructions on how to send photos.

OPC releases 2011 budget to members

At its annual meeting on Friday, November 19, the Ontario Press Council approved a 2011 budget and is now calling for member publisher approval. According to the memo, the Press Council revised its estimates for 2010 and is now projecting $217,949 in revenue, $198.746 in spending and a surplus of $19,203 for 2011 due in part to a decrease in salaries an expected change of location that may result in lower rent and annual membership fees equal to that paid in 2009.

Garfield artist apologizes

Artist Jim Davis has apologized for the insensitivity in the timing of his cartoon that was published on Remembrance Day which featured Garfield the cat about to squash a spider with a rolled newspaper. The text reads, ‘If you squish me, I shall become famous! They will hold an annual day of remembrance in my honor, you fat slob! (Next panel of spiders in a classroom with the spider teacher saying,) Does anyone here know why we celebrate ‘National Stupid Day’?’

Google plans to hire more than 2,000 people

According to a Reuters article, Google, whose finance chief told investors in September that the Internet industry was waging a "war for talent," is promoting more than 2,000 job openings on its website. Google, which controls about two-thirds of the global Internet search market, is looking for new opportunities to grow by branching out into a variety of markets, including Android smartphone software, online display advertising and Web-based productivity software.
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