Toronto’s Verner Kure passes away

Verner Kure, the former owner and original co-founder of The Villager in Toronto's Bloor West community with his former wife Sally, passed away last weekend after a short illness. He was 63.


API, Poynter to offer new joint program

RESTON, Va. – The American Press Institute and The Poynter Institute will collaborate on a new seminar for newsroom executives.


The joint effort is “Beyond the Newsroom,” a 2.5-day seminar at the API facility in Reston, Va., March 22-24. The seminar will feature Poynter Managing Director Butch Ward and API Associate Director Mary Glick.


Jim Pumarlo: Improving relations with city hall a two-way street

By Jim Pumarlo


A fire chief is suspended without pay after he takes his nephew, and another firefighter off his working shift, for a joy ride on the city’s fire boat. Is this newsworthy?


Is your community involved in Haiti relief outreach?

OCNA is looking for stories from our members on their efforts to provide aid for the people of Haiti to include in future editions of our e-clips newsletter. If your newspaper has coordinated or is currently participating in Haiti relief outreach in your community, please share it with us. It could be a food or clothing drive, or some other local event held to raise money for donations. Whatever it is, we would like to hear from you.


Send your stories to Carla Alexander at

Google receives antitrust complaints from German publishers

On Monday this week, Google encountered antitrust complaints from German newspaper and magazine publishers who want the company to start paying for a special license to use articles in its search results and news service.


Though Google says its services help publishers generate extra revenue by directing traffic to their websites and by selling advertising through partnership programs, the German publishers do not see it that way.


Tompkins says: Most journalists should not go to Haiti

Al Tompkins of Poynter Online has some advice for journalists considering a trip to Haiti: unless you have something new to contribute, don’t go.


According to Tompkins, while the amount of private and government-backed aid is linked to the amount of publicity Haiti receives, the island nation is overflowing with people who cannot find enough to eat or drink. Extra bodies that are not self-sufficient will only consume relief supplies desperately needed by locals.


Bids in the works for Canwest

As Canwest Global Communications Corp. looks to sell its newspaper subsidiary, bidders have begun to emerge, such as former senator Jerry Grafstein who recently made public his interest in certain portions of the subsidiary, in particular The National Post, Ottawa Citizen, and The Gazette in Montreal – the core assets of Canwest’s newspaper chain in Eastern Canada.


CNA/CCNA introduces new ad campaign for members

The Canadian Newspaper Association and the Canadian Community Newspapers Association have launched new ads highlighting newspapers’ commitment to reducing their impact on the environment.


These ads provide insight for readers and advertisers alike as to the sustainable forestry principles the newspaper industry follows to ensure our products are environmentally friendly, and encouragement to the public to continue recycling newsprint.


A Twitter guide for ‘skeptics and newbies’

Sree Sreenivasan is a Columbia Journalism School professor and Dean of Student Affairs, and an avid enthusiast of the popular micro-blogging site, Twitter.


On his website, Sreenivasan lists a number of resources for those who are still on the fence – and many that will benefit journalists in particular – including various how-to articles, troubleshooting tips and tricks, where to find breaking news, Twitter profiles of prominent journalists and media outlets, and the inspiring ‘Top 10 Most Extraordinary Twitter Updates’.


Ed Henninger: Design is not an 'extra'

By Ed Henninger


Think of design as an 'extra' and interest in your newspaper will fade


I’ve had it.


I just received an e-mail from an editor who was excited about a new look for her paper.


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