Canwest dailies go mobile

As of Wednesday this week, all ten of Canwest’s daily newspaper websites, as well as have gone live with mobile-optimized versions. New features were designed specifically for smartphones such as the iPhone and BlackBerry and offer ad opportunities to reach an “on-the-go audience” at the top of each page (on the mobile-version only).


Attention all Quark users!

Upgrade your old QuarkXPress 3, 4 or 5 to the newest version, QuarkXPress 8, by September 30, 2009 and you can save up to $500. Simply visit before then to update your product license for only $299!


Jim Pumarlo: Energize editorial pages with point/counterpoint

By Jim Pumarlo


Timid editorial pages unfortunately are becoming the norm in far too many community newspapers. Even more disconcerting are those newspapers where editorial pages are largely nonexistent.


Many editors and publishers are so preoccupied with directing their print and online operations that editorial pages take the back seat. A common complaint is that they don’t have time to develop, research and produce thoughtful opinions on important issues facing their communities.


Most newspapers now actively considering paid access options for Web content

Wide variety of approaches being considered

RESTON, Va. — Nearly 60 percent of newspapers are considering initiating paid access for currently open/free news and information Web site content, according to initial results from a new survey on paid content revenue initiatives released today at The American Press Institute’s Newsmedia Economic Action Plan Conference.


40th anniversary of the Internet, how technology has changed

On September 2, 1969, a team of researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, watched as “two bulky computers passed meaningless test data through a 15-foot gray cable.”


Citizens answer call for Niagara Voices

After a selection process involving the submission of sample columns, the St. Catharines Standard has appointed a number of individuals living in Niagara Region to serve on the paper’s community editorial board. The group of individuals, called Niagara Voices, will provide the newspaper with feedback and write columns as a “local voice to issues of the day”.


Newport paper succeeds in charging for content

Ever since the Newport Daily News of Newport, Rhode Island, began charging readers $345 for access to content on its website ($200 more than what readers currently pay for a print subscription), the newspaper has demonstrated success in the circulation department. Fewer subscribers have been calling to cancel home delivery of the paper since the pay wall was erected at, and newsstand sales have increased by 200 copies a day.


Associated Content partners with OpenCalais for optimized ad placement

Innovative news provider, Associated Content, has opted to utilize Thomson Reuters’ OpenCalais web service to improve the delivery of targeted advertising on its website. OpenCalais currently aids publishers such as CNET and The Huffington Post in guiding users to articles on their websites by tagging content with technology designed to understand semantics. Using this technology, OpenCalais can identify “people, places, companies and facts” within an article and link them to similar content within a particular website or on other sites.


Cartoonist awarded $5.2 million in case against Cinar

After a 13 year legal battle, Montreal-based cartoon animator, Claude Robinson, has been awarded $5.2 million after suing the children’s animation firm formerly known as Cinar Corp for plagiarism.


Will movie times disappear from print editions?

In a recent attempt to save money, Regal Entertainment Group and AMC Entertainment Inc., the top two movie theater chains in the US, have begun to pull movie listings for local theatres from newspapers. Instead, the companies are encouraging consumers to visit their websites, third-party sites, and social networks like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace that can offer listings for free. Such websites also offer the companies extra revenue as they can charge fees to sell advance tickets to movies.


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