John Foust: Bridges Take Selling from Point A to Point B

By John Foust
Raleigh, NC


One of the most impressive bridges I've ever seen is the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. It is four and a half miles long and connects the eastern and western shores of Maryland. Rising high above the waves, it enables travelers to cross the bay in a fraction of the time the trip would take by boat. 


Although most bridges aren't quite as dramatic, they all serve the same purpose. They help us move from Point A to Point B, usually over water. 


Words can be bridges, too.

Accepting Nominations for Ontario Junior Citizen Awards


Every community has young stars, and while they may not quite have celebrity status, they deserve to be in the spotlight for all they have accomplished. Who are they? They are our future leaders - Ontario's youth. 


These individuals are working hard to make their community a better place by volunteering for various organizations, making donations, saving lives and maintaining top grade averages.

September Issue of NewsClips is Out!

Independent Publishers' Retreat: Nov. 7-8

OCNA's Annual Independent Publishers' Retreat
Friday Evening Nov. 7 - Saturday. Nov 8
Come network with your peers!
Sessions include: 
What's next in Municipal Government?
The future of our towns and cities is one of the most important issues facing our nation.

OnlineMediaCampus Webinar: 10 Ways to Build Reader Engagement


 OCNA has teamed up with the OnlineMediaCampus to help the association fulfill its mission of providing affordable and relevant training to members.


10 Ways to Build Reader Engagement:
Easily Integrate New Technologies Into Your Workflow

Friday, November 7


Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Yo, SoundCloud - there are so many ways to connect and engage with readers today that it's confusing for journalists who are always on deadline and needing to file the next story.


Letters to the Editor in Light of Upcoming Municipal Elections

Editors love to have a healthy Letters to the Editor section as it can be a good measure of how involved your community is in the local democratic process and how your readers react to the news your report.


National Newspaper Week (NNW) is October 5-11


This year marks the 74th year of National Newspaper Week (NNW) which will take place October 5-11, 2014. The Week observes the importance of newspapers to communities large and small. This year's kit contains editorials, editorial cartoons, promotional ads and more that are available for download at no charge to newspapers across North America. 


The theme of this year's NNW is:

"Newspapers: The Foundation of Vibrant Communities"


Aid to Publishers Funds to be Deposited Next Week


Newspapers Canada has been informed by Canadian Heritage that letters confirming the 2014/2015 Aid to Publishers funding decisions have been signed and will be mailed later this week. Aid to Publishers is a component of the Canada Periodical Fund (CPF) for eligible Canadian print magazines and community newspapers. Publishers who applied can expect to receive a letter in the coming days indicating the funding amount awarded, with the money to be deposited during the week of August 18. 


NewsClips July 2014

Community Newspaper Review 2014

Are you looking to improve the quality of your newspaper?
Would you like to receive honest and constructive comments and suggestions from other community newspaper professionals in the industry?
The Ontario Community Newspapers Association is pleased to offer our annual program for member newspapers. This year OCNA invites community newspapers across Canada, and in several regions of the United States to participate.
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