Flush Left: It's a Choice

By Ed Henninger
, Henninger Consulting


Most newspapers set their body text justified. It runs from the left edge of the column to the right edge and the spacing between words is evenly distributed. 


Some choose to set body text flush left for columns, features and the hike, pushing the extra word spacing to the right side of the type. 


Free Webinar: OCNA Digital Media Report

OCNA Digital Media Report - How Newspapers are Making Money with the Internet
Wednesday June 19 
Join us for a presentation of the finding of our Digital Media Study. This webinar will review the research undertaken for our Digital Media Study, the results, and analyze and compare them with data collected in the US.

Do You Need Press Cards?

Are you sending a reporter to cover an upcoming event? OCNA can provide you with laminated, business card-sized Press Identification Cards with photos and authorization for 2013. Purchase the first three for $10 and pay $5 for any additional ones after that.


Regarding Member Changes


OCNA understands that as the newspaper industry continues to evolve, so must our members. We only ask that you keep us updated on any changes in address, rates, staff and any other information relevant to the Association. It may help to select an 'OCNA Representative' from your staff who will be responsible for keeping us informed during these changing times.


Please contact Karen Shardlow at k.shardlow@ocna.org or call 905-639-8720 ext 232 to report any changes at your publication. 

Register for the Independent Publishers' Retreat

 Independent Publishers' Retreat

Friday Evening June 21 - Saturday June 22

Festival Inn, Stratford


Register today for the Independent Publishers' Retreat! Participants can look forward to social and networking opportunities, information sessions,
food and fun. 


Sessions Include:

  • Launch of OCNA Web Template for Independent Papers
  • Explanation of Adobe Changes and Implementation
  • Planning and Creating Award Winning Special Sections
  • Website Innovations for all Size Markets
  • Budgets and Business Planning

May NewsClips Online Now

The May issue of NewsClips is now available online. Inside you'll find lots of great news items from our members. In addition to association news, you'll find industry updates, articles on human resource, business and advertising.


Here are some examples of what you can find inside:

Centenary Newspapers of Canada Conference
Are you in charge of a newspaper that is 100 years or older? You could qualify for the (almost) free launch of a new professional network called the Centenary Newspapers of Canada/Journaux Centenaires du Canada. 

Multimedia Nova Placed Into Receivership


Multimedia Nova announces that it has been placed into receivership and publication of the Town Criers, Toronto Today and Vaughan Today have been suspended indefinitely.


The decision was made based on financial problems, including failure to pay a multi-million dollar grant from the Government of Italy to support the, now ceased, Italian language daily Corriere Canadese.  


The company also announces that all remaining staff and its subsidiaries have been given lay-off notices effective immediately.

Advertising Training - Direct Response Print and Digital Ads Certificate Program


OCNA has teamed up with OnlineMediaCampus to help the association fulfill its mission of providing affordable and relevant training to members. The following is a 3 session Print and Digital Ads Certificate Program. 


Certificate Program: Print & Digital Response Advertising
Session Dates: June 6, June 20, July 11
Registration Deadline: May 30
Course Price: $79 per person (webinars are not available individually)


Over the years, 'Direct Response' PRINT and Digital Advertising has consistently shown its ability to generate significantly larger numbers of leads and sales than does traditional image or product and price advertising.

Reminder: New Address for OCNA and Ad*Reach

We have noticed that some of the mail being delivered still has the old address for the Ontario Community Newspapers Association and Ad*Reach.


Please be sure to update your system immediately as mail will soon be returned to sender. 


Ontario Community Newspapers Association (OCNA/Ad*Reach)
3228 South Service Rd. Ste 116
Burlington, On L7N 3H8

Ad*Reach's New Campaign Calculator


The OCNA and Ad*Reach are excited to announce the relaunch of the advertising Campaign Calculator


This tool is free for users and provides a central resource for media planners to select from more than 350 community newspapers and regional newspaper bundles in Ontario, Nunavut/Northwest Territories and Quebec English-language papers. 


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